CMW Journal

Mennonite/s Writing VII
Vol. 7, No. 3

A selection of creative work from the conference.

  • Introduction
    by Ann Hostetler

    The work in this issue represents a sampling of work from creative writers present at the Mennonite/s Writing VII conference in Fresno, California, held March 12-15, 2015 at Fresno Pacific University.

  • Tribute to Jean Janzen and Rudy Wiebe
    Tribute to Jean Janzen and Rudy Wiebe
    by Julia Spicher Kasdorf

    Jean Janzen and Rudy Wiebe each read from recently published books at the conference. Julia Spicher Kasdorf's introduction to their plenary reading honors their productivity and demonstrates the power of a literary legacy.

  • Interview with Greg Bechtel
    Interview with Greg Bechtel
    by Sofia Samatar

    Sofia Samatar, who read from a memoir in progress at the Fresno Conference, raises the question, "What is a Mennonite Writer?" with Canadian fiction writer Greg Bechtel.

  • Two Poems
    Two Poems
    by Abigail Carl-Klassen

    Reflections on Old Colony Mennonites in Mexico.

  • Tarred
    by Jessica Penner

    Excerpt from Shaken in the Water, a novel

  • Ada
    by Kathleen Weaver Kurtz

    A Reflection on My Mother-In-Law

  • Poems with Sonograms
    Poems with Sonograms
    by Joseph Gascho

    Word and image from a medical perspective

  • Monkey Business
    Monkey Business
    by Laura Hostetler

    Excerpt from a Memoir in Progress, Bridging Worlds

  • Flock
    by Diana Zimmerman

    After the Mennonite/s Writing Conference