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January 1, 2013

Our current issue, on Travel Writing, is edited and introduced by Ervin Beck. Our July Issue will feature creative work from the Mennonite/s Writing VII Conference held at Fresno Pacific University in March.

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October 2015 (Fall) -- Social Justice Issue, edited by Ervin Beck

January 2016 (Winter) -- Teaching Mennonite Literature, edited by Ann Hostetler

April 2016 (Spring) -- Drama Issue, Guest Editor: Lauren Friesen

July 2016 (Summer) -- Graphic Novel, Guest Editor: Jessica Baldanzi

October 2016 (Fall) -- Young Readers issue

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Calls for Submissions:

Our mission is to publish work about Mennonite literature or literature by writers who have a connetion with Mennonite (in the broad sense of the term) faith and culture.

How to submit: Electronic submission only to cmw@goshen.edu. Include a brief bio that mentions your interest in or connection to Mennonites, and attach the submission as a word document.

If you wish to submit poetry, fiction, or short creative nonfiction, please inquire first, as sometimes we will add a poetry feature or other special features to include creative submissions. We also welcome suggestions for future topics, since themes for issues are planned over a year in advance.

Send all queries to cmw@goshen.edu.

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