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February 26, 2016

The current issue proudly presents the first publication of an entire book, MennoFolk 3: Puns, Riddles, Tales and Legends by Ervin Beck. In the future, we hope to make it available to you in paper form through our newly created Painted Glass Press. To read about feature issues, click on read more, below.

January 2017 (Winter) -- Reflections onAfter Identity, reviews of recent work

April 2017 (Spring) -- Postcolonial Writers, ed. Ervin Beck

July 2017 (Summer) -- Latino Writers

Future themes include Cross-cultural Writers, Mennonite Writing and Ecocriticism, and new Fiction, Poetry, and Memoir.

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Send queries to cmw@goshen.edu

Calls for Submissions:

Our mission is to publish work about Mennonite literature or literature by writers who have a connection with Mennonite (in the broad sense of the term) faith and culture.

How to submit: Electronic submission only to cmw@goshen.edu. Include a brief bio that mentions your interest in or connection to Mennonites, and attach the submission as a word document.

If you wish to submit poetry, fiction, or short creative nonfiction, please inquire first, as sometimes we will add a poetry feature or other special features to include creative submissions. We also welcome suggestions for future topics, since themes for issues are planned over a year in advance.

Send all queries to cmw@goshen.edu.

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