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The CMW Journal will be published bi-monthly. Each issue will typically focus on a particular theme, author, or genre within Mennonite Writing, and will include poetry, fiction, essays, and criticism.

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Song Writing

Vol. 6, No. 3

Song writers talk about the genesis of a song, their sources of inspiration, and share lyrics and recordings.

Current Articles

  • Introduction
    by Ann Hostetler

    A number of years ago I got into a lively discussion with a student, Emily Rodgers, over whether song lyrics could be viewed as poems. To prove her point, she wrote a paper for my American Lit class at Goshen College on the connections between Allen Ginsberg and Ani DiFranco ...

  • Lobsang
    by Carol Ann Weaver


  • Looking for Spiders
    Looking for Spiders
    by Jessica Smucker


  • Colony Collapse Disorder
    Colony Collapse Disorder
    by Trevor Bechtel


  • This is My Home
    This is My Home
    by Frances Crowhill Miller


  • 31
    by Andrew Gerber


  • Hurricane
    by Emily Rodgers


  • Little Pine
    Little Pine
    by Moral Circus


  • Somewhere Near Defiance
    Somewhere Near Defiance
    by Jeff Gundy


  • Big American Man
    Big American Man
    by David George